Poster - Mask of Fu Manchu, The_04

A film by Charles Brabin

Cast: Boris Karloff, Lewis Stone, Karen Morley

The Mask of Fu Manchu is the story of the discovery of Ghengis Khan’s tomb, where his legendary Mask and Sword are supposed to be hidden. British archaeologist Sir Lionel Barton (Lawrence Grant) has discovered the exact location, but he is kidnapped by Dr. Fu Manchu’s (Boris Karloff) criminal gang who want the power.Knowing this, Sir Nayland Smith (Lewis Stone) takes his own group of archaeologists and, along with Barton’s only daughter Sheila (Karen Morley) and her fiancée Terry (Charles Starrett), attempt to find Kahn’s tomb before Fu Manchu. But thing takes a turn.

This film is a little jewel I remember at least 30 years ago I saw it for the first time I thought here is a cool little film. I went to the library and saw it so I could not resist to see it again. The Mask of Fu Manchu was directed by Charles Brabin, a very experienced director of silent films. Tony Gaudio’s cinematography created one of the most stunningly looking pieces of science fiction of the 30s. The special effect were awesome back in the day. They had to make due with what they have and use their imagination to provide such cool effects. Myrna Loy is simply gorgeous as Fah Lo See. Legendary horror icon Boris Karloff as the role of Fu Manchu and takes the characters to a new level. It is an influential film many directors has said so. Take a look at the series of the Raiders of the Lost Arc. Fine performances here, plus the film is only can hour long worth seeing.






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