garden state

A film by Zach Braff

Cast: Zach Braff, Peter Sarsgaard, Natalie Portman

Andrew Largement is flat on his back under an unwrinkled white sheet on a white bed in a white room with no other furnishings, except for an answering machine, which is recording a message from his father informing him that his mother has drowned in the bathtub. Andrew gets up and looks into his medicine cabinet, where every shelf is filled with  prescription drugs. And that is the opening of the film.

Andrew is a would-be actor (he played a retarded quarterback on a cable movie), works in a Vietnamese restaurant, has not been home to New Jersey in nine years and is overmedicated. And his life sucks. Andrews return to his father were he is distant. When he leaves to go to New Jersey he leaves his prescription behind and his life began to move again. Basically he has been an over medicated zombie for years. Gideon (Ian Holm) who is the father of Andrew is mum too his is not showing anger well he is a psychiatrist. No surprise there right. Andrew’s new life begins when he recognizes the gravediggers at his mother’s funeral. Well the went to high school together. Later he goes to a party where he is high on ecstasy and playing spin the bottle. Gradually Andrew is awake and he begins to live his life. Plus he meets an interesting young woman played by Natalie Portman. He begins to go on their Odyssey with his friend but you can help it to notice the similarities of the story with the graduate it is like Zach Braff rewrote the graduate and make it is own story.The presence of Simon and Garfunkel on the soundtrack must not be entirely coincidental I hope. It is a good film that is smart and unconventional and that is why I love this film.


Gaden state-3


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2 thoughts on “GARDEN STATE (2004)

  1. It kind of IS like Zach Braff rewrote The Graduate to make it his own story. Only I didn’t think The Graduate needed a rewrite.


  2. It is like this he rewrote the story but made it a slightly a different story basically he made it is own. Tarantino does it all the time. Nothing wrong with that.


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