A film by Lars Kraume

Cast: Rüdiger Klink, Burghart Klaußner, Andrej Kaminsky

English: The state against Fritz Bauer. 

The film take us to West Germany in the late 1950s where the government and state institutions are still populated with former Nazis and no one is  interested to expose them of their past  crimes. In such an environment our hero is Fritz Bauer  a Socialist, a Jew and a homosexual. He has everything against him. And yet, he is also an excellent tough lawyer. He finds  out that  his attempts to bring Nazis to trial are being stonewalled, and that his own staff are stealing files from his office, and tipping off Nazis in hiding, he decides to commit treason. You have to hand it to him he has balls. He will gets what he wants. He gets a  tip that Adolf Eichmann is in hiding in Argentina, he goes to Israel and gives the information to Mossad. Later he finds out that the man in question has moved to an other country he has been tipped off plus many other obstacles will follow.

And that is all I am going to say on this. The thing is here is a man who has two strikes against him has this will power to do something great and will stop at nothing. The film is beautifully well crafted as a thriller, as well as the acting is top notch. Here  the film tells us so much about the reality of post-war politics, they want to forget what happens instead to bring everybody to trial. Yes there are some injustice about how the homosexual were treated back then even put to jail. Here is a story that has not been told yet and thank god for Lars Krause who took upon himself to make this film. Not to be missed. It is a good film but an important one as well.


Fritz bauer



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