tout pour etre heureux

A film by Cyril Gelblat

Cast: Manu Payet, Audrey Lamy, Aure Atika

English: Everything to be happy

Antoine (Manu Payet) is almost 40 selfish and unsatisfied with his life nor that he wants to take care of his daughter. Infantilized by his wife Antoine can’t seems to find his place at home, and decided out of the blue to take off and leave everything behind. When Alice leaves their two daughters with him, Antoine is in an unknown territory. After leaving his wife Antoine is back in the family life with his two daughter will he survive it all?

Here is an intelligence film about human relation especially married life. Here is a man who has not have a real job in 10 years, the mother does it all. Antoine suddenly finds a singer who can make it big. You see Antoine years ago was in a band then meet his wife got married and had kids. He got out of the band to be a father but aver since is trying to find a place in his marriage  and has seems to struggle to get a record made for his band. The thing is this a man when he gets married has trouble to adjust to the life when the kids come than he has twice the trouble to get adjusted. Plus Antoine after taking care of his daughter will realize something but it is too late or isn’t it. It has its funny moment in this film the two actors who plays the daughter steals the show here. The second film for Gelblat and it came  out to be good.




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