the grimsby brother

A film by Louis Leterrier

Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Strong, Rebel Wilson

So Sacha Baron Cohen who has done Bruno, Borat and Dictator has maxed out his rehouses here and to top it all off is doing a spy comedy for a change. And he did not miss that one and yes for this who wants to know this spy comedy The Brothers Grimsby, has an  endless supply of dick and body fluid jokes, of which there are ample amounts of both. It’s like Cohen buys them at the joke store in this case by the gallon.

OK I am not going to tell you what joke he has done here you will have to see the film. But my god they included Donald Trump good move there and Daniel Radcliffe. Ho! my god he went there awesome. The thing is that there are two brother where their mom died found themselves orphan at a young age and put in different foster families. Nobby (Cohen) after all this years has not forgot his brother. Even have friends trying to look for him. Nobby Butcher, a low-class English football hooligan prone to lighting firecrackers up his butt (a skill that comes in handy, it turns out) at the local pub, where he hangs out with other drunken degenerates. He has a dozen kids who has ridiculous names. Sebastian (Mark Strong) who did not want to be found ,works for MI6 bumps into his brother in a middle of a mission. Of course they will have to battle a super villain a global philanthropist (Penelope Cruz). The film goes crazily over-the-top in terms of toilet humor and culturally-insensitive material but that should not shock anybody now days. Cohen does a great job in playing the stupid Nobby. The film is one joke after an other following by action and gun fire. Some of you might find it a bit offensive . Well Does an up-close shot of Sidibe’s bush count as offensive? never mind, have fun.

the borther grimsby



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