QUAND ON AS 17 ANS (2016)

quand on as 17 ans -3

A film by André Téchiné

Cast: Sandrine Kiberlain, Kacey Mottet Klein, Corentin Fila

English title : Being 17

Taking place over three trimesters,  Quand on as 17 ans tells the story of two schoolboys Damien (Kacey Mottet Klein) and Thomas (Alexis Loret), but also of a birth the unexpected  pregnancy of Thomas’ adoptive mother.

Here is a touching story of 2 adolescents who are trying to find themselves and are a little scared of what they are going to become. In the middle of it all Thomas adoptive mother is pregnant. the 2 stories will collide with each other because Damien’s mother is an doctor. Téchiné’s film beautifully captures the ecstasy , the agony  and the frustration of adolescence. The two young actors here are intense with an exceptional acting to go with it. Téchiné’ has a talent for creating intrigue and ambiance. The actors does not make a false moves, they are dead on. The backdrop of the Pyrenees is breath taking and it is the dead of winter. The thing is here is two adolescent who are a liitle confused and scared of what their feeling are. They are trying to make it sense of it all. Sandrine Kiberlain is perfect for the role of the mother and her acting is superb, she plays it on the tender side. It is the best film here for André Téchiné who is getting better and better. Do not miss this one.

quand on as 17 ans-2

quand on as 17 ans



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One thought on “QUAND ON AS 17 ANS (2016)

  1. The title reminds me of a poem by Rimbaud 🙂 nice review!



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