adopt un veuf

A film by François Desagnat

Cast: André Dussollier, Bérengère Krief, Arnaud Ducret 

English: Adopt a widower 

When one is recently windowed  it hard to get used to the  new life. It is the case of Hubert Jacquin (André Dussollier) who spends most of his time in his huge apartment depressed in the front of the TV. One day, after a misunderstanding, his life will change. Manuela, a young and bubbly adventurer is looking for an apartment to call home. at first Hubert is reluctant, but can use the presence of they ball of fire full of energy. Soon after that Hubert has 2 more roommates. This roommate thing will reserve many surprises for Hubert.

The film is not the comedy of the year but you will have a good time watching it. The subject matter is that in Paris it is hard to find an apartment and what I like is to be able to address such issues through comedy.  The cast was not left to chance with the young Berengere Krief who faces the great André Dussollier. He, who is older and  is grumpy and she, the girl who has yet to succeed in life who is  especially full of life. They are completely opposite but nevertheless this duo works incredibly well. The chemistry is there and by the way Krief who is a comedian is holding her own opposite of Dussollier. The dialogue is crispy and often funny. Here is a widower who is along in his life and to make some sense in his life, plus to get out of the depression that he is in, he by an misunderstanding has a roommate and later on has two more, the writer has done here is a sensitive comedy that will not offend anybody. Adopte  un veuf  is a really funny movie that will appeal to teens as well as to older folks.




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One thought on “ADOPTE UN VEUF (2016)

  1. I have the biggest crush on Dussollier. I’m hoping this film is still in first run when I’m in France this summer because I know damn well that it won’t be coming to the Philly area!

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