TRUMBO (2015)


A film by Jay Roach

Cast: Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren

There is a few things that I did not know about Trumbo I knew he was black listed but did not know that he still wrote script after being black listed under an alias even several alias.

Beginning in 1947, the film tracks Trumbo’s life from the time he’s investigated by the House Un-American Activities Committee, with accusations that he’s a Communist and he was. But it was not illegal. The committee went on to jailed 10 of them. Of course that wasn’t going to fly, not with anti-Red gossip columnist Hedda Hopper (Helen Mirren) exposing him and other big name screenwriters. What were they afraid of? Trumbo who has this dynamo personality becomes the central figure of the blacklisted Hollywood Ten, but keeps on writing under a pseudonym.


The film real takes off when Trumbo undermines the system and decided to continue writing under a pseudonym. It fells like a heist film. Trumbo gather a colorful group of banned writers  to rewrite crappy B-movies for a rebellious producer played  by John Goodman. The all star cast delivers the role to a T. Bryan Cranston does a wonderful job here after all he got nominated at the Oscars. Diane Lane plays his  wife, Cleo, while Elle Fanning is his  daughter, Nikola even those two has done a great job at it. Like I always said  there is a woman behind the man. She was there every step of the way since the beginning . I go to hang it to Trumbo he as this genius at writing he even wrote in this bathtub, the man was in demand also he was a chain smoker I am surprise he lived that long. Cranston gets down to the essence of what makes Trumbo tick, capturing him as a father, an activist, a friend, a husband. Here is a great film a must see, put that one on you list. Trumbo make sure that this  was not forgotten.



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