HUSH (2016)


A film by Mike Flanagan

Cast: John Gallagher Jr., Kate Siegel, Michael Trucco

A reclusive writer who is deaf and mute since she was 13 finds herself hunted by a deranged killer with a mask at her house who tortures her in a game of the cat and the mouse in order to survive the night.

So You have an other home invasion film here but with a different twist here thank god. So you have a woman who is fed up of the city as she says it was too loud so she seclude herself in a house where the neighbor are a mile away or so. Well she is deaf and mute. First if I was deaf and mute I would not recluse myself in the boondocks, it could be scary and what are the odds you are going to encounter a derange individual killing people while taking a stroll. Here is a woman who is trying to survive the night and has 2 strike against her. Gallagher which I did not recognize here, I am have trouble to recognize him in his films plays the serial killer or the deranged killer if you prefer had done an outstanding job at playing the cool, calm, confident, even arrogant cold blooded killer. Kate Siegel here I think for me it is the first time I have seen her did an outstanding job at playing the victimized tortured woman. The tension was rising as the film was going along to the point it was going to boil. Yes it is going to be a bloody one but an interesting one at that. At one point you did not think she was going to make it. The man thought it was going to be easy to kill her, was he dead wrong. This one is one Netflix.




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