VENDEUR (2016)


A film by Sylvain Desclous

Cast: Gilbert Melki, Pio Marmaï, Sara Giraudeau

English: Salesman

Here is a first film for Sylvain Desclous who also wrote this film where a job is transmitted from father to son and where the power of money will destroy human relations. Here is a film well written an original idea that works and you will get thrown in the story and transported  in their world of greed and power.

Serge (GilbertMelki)  is one of the best salesman in France. For 30 years, he worked in  all the shopping areas and department stores, guaranteeing his employers an immediate return on  their investment. He sacrificed everything to his career: his friends, his wife and son he hardly ever sees. And health. When Gerald, his son, just ask him a job to fund the renovation of his future restaurant, Serge hesitated then finally agrees to hire him as a salesman. Against all odds, Gerald discovered a gift.

With realism, cynicism describes the methods used by the salesman as well as the managers. You have to make them believe that they need it or want it. The more money they bring keeps the managers happy otherwise the salesman who does not make the cut is fired. The sales scenes have this drum like music that is dominate and accentuate the pace of the salesman. To cope with this insatiable thirst for power and success, Serge goes shows to shows with his BMW from the earlier 80’s late 70’s a symbol of his success but also there is where the man’s life stop at his life, his marriage and not seeing his son it stop where he bought the car you see he is not moving on with his life but he is  stuck there in the late 70’s early 80’s. His nomadic life is deprived of all genuine relationships with others. to fill the emotional wreck that he is in he spent his money on call girls, booze and drugs. Thanks to this call girl that he will see himself how selfish and deprive he has been. No doubt that she is the key of the film plus she has a great line. Sara Giraudeau plays Cloe who looks younger than she looks does an outstanding job here as well as Gilbert Melki who incarnates this character so well. A terrific film here from Sylvain Descioux do not miss this one.




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