A film by Julien Leclercq

Cast: Sami Bouajila, Guillaume Gouix, Youssef Hajdi

English: Robbers

Yanis, Eric, Nasser and Frank make up the team of robbers that is the most efficient in Paris and its suburbs. Between each jobs, there is anxiety, paranoia, and trying to protect the family. Out of the blue the greed consumes Amine the brother of Yanis  makes a mistake, this time it is no longer about to rob an armored car, but a go-fast carrying several kilos of heroin.

I am  going to say this straight forward it is a gangster film that looks a little like heat but yet it is far away from it story wise. Not to worry it is still entertaining and it works. The tension as well as suspense are running through the veins of the actors and Leclercq has done his job there. The paranoia of protecting their family and not getting caught nor getting caught dead is so tense that you think one of the character is going to have  heart attack. The camera follows the robbers for a while scene by scene as the background is blurry where danger is at every corner. Braqueurs works like clock work nothing new not an original idea but it works. Leclerc gives it realism and the sound of the gun fire are loud and real basically like the film Heat by Micheal Mann. Yes it is done à la French and the film will find its audience.

braqueurs 2



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