Cafe society-2

A film by Woody Allen

Cast: Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg

New York, in the 30s we find Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg), a young torn man  between conflicting parents and a gangster brother. Asphyxiated by this heavy family atmosphere, Bobby packed his bags and set sail towards Hollywood, where he finds his Uncle Phil (Steve Carell), an agent of renowned stars. Phil hires Bobby as a courier. That’s when the native Bobby from New York falls in love with Vonnie (Kristen Stewart), but unfortunately the beautiful woman is not free and Bobby is happy to be her friend . One evening Vonnie arrived in tears and tells Bobby she just broke up with her boyfriend. Suddenly, the horizon cleared for Bobby but…. Yes theres is a but.

Here Woody is at Cannes film festival where it kicked off today and has shown is movie . He actually has for the first time to see his film but does not like the idea of watching his own film because he is too critical of himself. With Café Society, Woody Allen uses the codes that made him a legendary director. Developed like a lively novel, the film plunges us into a delightful atmosphere where the whole society is mixed . Between gangsters, celebrities, politicians, Woody Allen takes a trip between New York and Hollywood, two different worlds. A love story will develop the moment Bobby sets foot in California falls in love with Vonnie (Kristen Steward). Vonnie exposes Bobby to the world of glitter of the rich and famous. Bobby takes it all in but that is not his world and would rather return to New York.

If we see a transposition of two different cultures – New York and Hollywood – family theme is an important part in the work of Woody Allen. Bobby here is the center of the story , his family has the highlight of his brother who is a gangster Ben (Corey Stoll).Bobby enjoys the support of his immediate family, which is not really the case of his uncle Phil who is preoccupied with his work and extra curricular activity. Bobby sees one thing only Vonnie. The film goes back and forth from New York to California where soon after Bobby manages the club of his brother Café society. Now I love this film it take you back to the 30’s and it is fun watch but I can to realized that the guy who does the lighting in his film is so popular because I heard he is the best at his job plus Woody likes to use natural light for his film  which is much better to me. Yes there is Jazz music in this film too which I also love. Here you have it an other film by the master himself. Have fun with this one.




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One thought on “CAFÉ SOCIETY (2016)

  1. Nice review, this sounds like quite a pleasing movie.


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