MA LOUTE (2016)

Ma Loute

A film by Bruno Dumont

Cast: Fabrice Luchini, Juliette Binoche, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

English title: Bay of slack. 

Summer 1910 Bay of Slack in northern France. Mysterious disappearances set horror in the region. The unlikely Machin inspector and his assistant sagacious Malfoy are (mis) leading the investigation.

Here is a great film by Dumont where Fabrice Luchini went to the Cannes film festival to present the film. Luchini calls him a genius at which he had a great time making this film. Bruno Dumont mixed non-professional actor with professional actor in this stylize period piece so beautifully well filmed. The photography is delightful as well as the film. Since the series P’tit Quinquin Dumont as a taste for comedy and here is one that is somewhat sensitive of the poor thrown in there the rich and some people disappearing and Two police detective who does not know what they are doing not knowing what is going on around them like cannibalism, incest, arbitrary assault and levitations, Dumont creates this slick world in the early 1900. Throw in a love affair with a boy who wants to be a girl or vice versa you have yourself a quirky comedy of the year. Not too many people outside France is going to like this one, but I do.







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2 thoughts on “MA LOUTE (2016)

  1. Oh. I will LOVE this–especially since it stars Fabrice Lucini. Unfortunately, distribution powers-that-be won’t even have it sent to the USA. Hopefully it’ll be in French theatres next month so I can see it then.

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  2. Looks cool 🙂 I will try to find it. Thank you! –Paul

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