La chambre verte

A film by François Truffaut

Cast: François Truffaut, Nathalie Baye, Jean Dasté

English title: The green room 

Julien Davenne (François Truffaut) is a lonely, disillusioned widower who writes for The Globe, also a World War One veteran already traumatised by the many friends he lost in the war before the death of his wife and the betrayal of a friend left him living his life only for the memory of the dead. Working for a dying newspaper where he specialises in obituaries, and his friends with auctioneer’s assistant Cecilia Mandel (Nathalie Baye).

Here is a man who has a son who is taking care of by the house keeper and has shrine off his dead wife in a green room in his house. He has trouble letting go. He knows too many dead people that people that are alive. Truffaut has the lead role here and it is a very personal film for him knowing that he knew a lot in his life he lost a lot of people. He goes to the green room and even talk to his wife. Are is a man who is disconnected and forgets to live because he is so obsessed with the dead and even  what is obvious he is not seen until it is too late. It is a morbid, melancholic and dark film.

la chambre verte-2

La chambre verte-3



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2 thoughts on “LA CHAMBRE VERTE (1978)

  1. This was the first Truffaut film I ever saw. Brings back memories of my girlfriend from France. Thank you for reminding me of this wonderful film! –Paul


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