tout tout de suite -2

A film by Richard Berry

Cast: Marc Ruchmann, Steve Achiepo, Romane Rauss

English: All at once. 

Going back to the case of Ilan Halimi, fluoroscopy an entire segment of the news in France where this monstrous crime has taken place.

The doors explode, policeman with helmet on and armed to the teeth gets in the apartments of the North Africans, blacks, whites, all have less than twenty years old.Those whom the press called the “barbarians” in February 2006. It is a few hours earlier that the body of Ilan Halimi was found dying on the side of a road in Ste Geneviève des Bois, naked, kidnapped, burned 80%. Kidnapped, he was detained for 24 days. He was Jewish and therefore assumed to have money.Through flashbacks, the film recreates the event of the kidnapping. Avoiding the pitfall avoid being sentimental and with the 24 days of shooting the film the director chooses a cold and surgical tone. Relying heavily on the novel by Morgan Sportes, he is more concerned with dissecting the personality of each criminal which are dominated by stupidity and ignorance. It is intoxicating how young people those days are taken by conceivable intellectual poverty. One of them admit without embarrassment that his participation in this murder will have the advantage to give him the money to pay his fines RATP, the other looks forward to going on holiday. They are comfortable in the in the consumer society which allows them to dream but by all means it include to sacrifice a life. Young people are so deconnected of the world and that is the scary part. The director chooses to show the horror of it full force.Because here  there are no emotion, no judgment, just the bare facts. The film touches the raw reality of it that is repetitive at times. Here a a terrific dark and sad film by Richard Berry.

tout tout de suite




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