Maggie has a plan

A film by Rebecca Miller

Cast: Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke, Julianne Moore

Here is a woman where her biological clock is ticking and decided to have a baby on her own but it derails when she falls in love with a married man her professor at the university  . to top it all off she destroys his volatile marriage.

This film got presented to the Berlin film festival. The film is a cool little comedy of SSD ( The scene of the sperm donation) a comedy that gently mock artistic circles and new York intellectuals. Maggie has a plan has in addition to its wonderful and eccentric leading lady ( Greta Gerwig)  a big plus, no doubt, with the presence of Julianne Moore who is a control freak, outrageously manipulative and perverse pure genius there. You will have a good time with this one guaranteed with laughter. As for the film it has a surprisedly a surprise ending with a beautiful spread. It is a sweet little jewel.


Maggie has a plan-2


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One thought on “MAGGIE’S PLAN (2015)

  1. I couldn’t make it through Frances Ha. I hope Gretta Gerwig is better in this one 🙂 thank you! –Paul


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