A film by Junfeng Boo

Cast: Mastura Ahmad, Crispian Chan, Nickson Cheng

A newly appointed prison guard Aiman, who develops a friendship with an older guard at the maximum security jail, one of the biggest in the territory. Soon enough he discover that the old man is a hangman, which this old man needs an assistant because the last one reside. Aiman becomes the old man apprentice. Aiman has a sister who is against him taking the job due to the history of the family which happen to have a dark secret that Aiman buried in order that his employer doesn’t find out.

Apprentice is a gritty drama from the 33 years old filmmaker Junking Boo, who had to do some research into the profession of a hangman and families of those who have seen relatives executed on death row. Junking Boo also took a slow narrative pace for this film. He has also had this talented cast to go with it. The cinematography is dense and sluggishly  lit from the inside of the prison. The film has a detailed story of what a hangman job is. It is film at a slow pace as a dark thriller which has a climax that end perfectly.

Apprentice 2


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