AMEN (2002)


A film by Costa-Gavras

Cast: Ulrich Tukur, Mathieu Kassovitz, Ulrich Mühe

During WWII SS officer Kurt Gerstein tries to inform Pope Pius XII about Jews being sent to extermination camps.Young Jesuit priest Riccardo Fontana (Mathiew Kassovitz)  helps him out to get this information to the world but it is not that simple and obstacle will be on their way.

Gerstein (Ulrich Tukur)  is horrified when he discovers the lethal application of his invention, which he had thought was intended to purify drinking water for German troops at the front. He tries to inform the world about the unfolding genocide and also to slow it down by whatever bureacratic and technical means he can. He finds himself in two situations: He continues to participate in it, and because of that his testimony is ignored and mistrusted and they want more proof before they do something about it. Gerstein’s name was cleared in 1965. It is an uncomfortable situation that he finds himself into. The only one who believed him was Riccardo Fontana who is trying to convince the pope and others but takes upon himself to do something drastic in order to convince them. Amen which was loosely adapted from “The Deputy,” Rolf Hochhuth’s groundbreaking and controversial 1963 play which has some fascinating themes. The frustration that they had in order to convince them was the topic of the film and it is going to to  get you. Plus the scene where he is looking through the peep hole is very powerful but as well as terrifying Here is a part of history that I didn’t know. This film has won a caesar at cannes, a golden globe, and an award in Germany the Bear for best picture.

Amen 3



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