the here and after

A film by Magnus von Horn

Cast: Sven Ahlström, Mats Blomgren, Stefan Cronwall

The frightening chronicle of an adolescent to whom society refuses redemption.

And yes it is freezing on the nordic side!  For his first feature film, Magnus von Horn is inspired by the Scandinavian tradition to offer us a chilling drama, clinical and austere, in which no light of hope will come clear an underlying darkness. John is back in her small town after been in prison. But in the minds of the community, the boy is never really gone, no one can forget the crime. In a chilling atmosphere, the mystery surrounding the past adolescent gradually fades to reveal the source of his pain and the reasons for his incarceration. Because the suspense does not revolve around the alleged guilt of the protagonist or the act of which he is responsible, but rather on violence which will lead to retaliation. The thriller becomes chronic rejection of a hostile environment   in which a teenager can not find his place.Surrounded by a loving father and a brother who plays the rebel, John is trying to find his place but does not get there. The film starts slow and when suddenly thing are picking up a bit especially at the super market. The film is shot with still for some long period of time which might get on people’s never but what I like about it is film differently and somewhat creatively. This film has won 3 Swedish oscar by the way. Here too the director discredit the Swedish society but later in the film you see that the protagonist and the other are trying to find a solution to the problem. You see what I like about the Swedish is that they find solution to the problem without violence. Terrific acting here as sharp as a razor. The film has a certain look at society where the spectacle is frighting and the people can be cruel and cold.

le lendemain





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