diamant noir

A film by Arthur Harari

Cast: Niels Schneider, August Diehl, Hafed Benotman

English: Black Diamond 

Pier Ulmann scrapes jobs  in Paris between construction and petty thefts he commits on behalf of Rashid, his only “family.” His story catches up with him one day his father was found dead in the street . bugbear of a rich family of diamond dealers based in Antwerp Belgium, He leaves him nothing except the story of his banishment by Ulmann. Revenge is in sight. At the invitation of his cousin Gabi, Pier goes to Antwerp to renovate the offices of the prestigious firm Ulmann. The advice of  Rachid is simple: “You’re going out there to see and to take. “But a diamond has many facets …

To all of the fan of film noir put this one on your list. Here is a first film by Arthur Harari who has done a great job in filming this a piece of art not only that it is well written, well edited, but well acted as well. You can tell that Jacques Audiard has influenced him big time. It is a exceptionally a master piece of art on a still plate with the lyrics of  70’s done in a way of Ennio Morricone for Dario Argento. A cinematography vintage ultra saturated. And thick dark blood , that is spreading on the floor … From the first seconds, we are immersed in an atmosphere tailored for an Italian gialli. quickly the film feels like the traditional Film noir, and clearly stands out.There is a soft surreal sensation  that amplified all of the most mysterious characters one more than the  other (opaque Swiss uncle, the epileptic son, daughter-both wild and fragile) and the magnetic decors.These include the family home, a huge cottage buried in the woods where Pier will have to try to get comfortable  , with some nocturnal incidents sometimes fascinating, sometimes frightening. Here is a film that has great story telling with many facets, film that should be miss at all, and that will become a classic.




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