like crazy-2

A film by Paolo Virzì

Cast: Micaela Ramazzotti, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Valentina Carnelutti

Villa Biondi is the Tuscan nut house for women where we first see Beatrice (Bruni Tedeschi), who can’t stop talking  and  superficially masters every social situation thanks to her stunning ability to invent one convincing lie after another. She manages to hold it together with the help of her meds.Then a newcomer Donatella (Ramazzotti), a painfully thin, tattooed mess who arrives bruised inside and out. She is withdrawn and distrusting of everyone.She retreats even further after Beatrice does an impression of a psychiatrist. Later after much snooping around it is reveals that Donatella is heavily medicated and has a child she once tried to kill. One day Beatrice and Donatella has a pass to go outside and yes here goes a road trip like crazy.

like crazy

A terrific dramatic comedy about two women in a mental institution that avoids the pitfalls such a scenario could encounter and a bragging  delicious dialogue with a rare sense of balance. Beatrice’s cascades of words are practically nonstop (it’s amazing Bruni Tedeschi took breaths), her character was flowing out of her naturally, it is a joy to see a talented actress at her best. Ramazzotti, painfully thin for the role and looking like she has eat in day and being in a drug rehab transforms herself into a woman who is damage on the inside deep on the inside, here is an other terrific actress that has chemistry with Tedeschi. The two desert each other here with such a brilliant scenario that have a remarkable dialogue. Here is a different road trip with 2 female who are emotionally damaged. Summer light and heat inform the bright, saturated visuals capturing the beautiful Tuscany landscape. How not to love those two woman like crazy. Seriously a jewel of a movie that you must not miss.

like crazy-3


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