A film by Christophe Barratier

Cast: Arthur Dupont, François-Xavier Demaison, Sabrina Ouazani

We all know Kerviel (in France that is) , the trader of 31 years old  who those risk could have taken down in 2008 the entire  Société Générale – even the global financial system … Kerviel was sentenced two years later to five years in prison, three years with parole it is the biggest loss of  damages ever seen by an individual : 4.9 billion euros! But what do we know of Jerome?

Based on the true story of this trader who made more money than any trader out there. Instead of telling the story of the court session Christophe Barratier told the story has this trader for there. At 31, he did make for the Société Générale one and a half billion euros. This was unheard of. He got in the door by coming in the biggest bank in Europe and move up the ladder and learn very quickly how to make millions. He became  an iconic character of a society where money is everything, where money is king. Barratier opens the door of the world of finance through a well written script and a first-rate cast. we also monitor Jerome, the young man who became a shark during his training . Or how a human being can lose his humanity for greed. Another type of crime, without blood and physical violence, but the consequences as just as serious. If there are analogies with The Wolf of Wall Street from Martin Scorsese  that is superficial and brilliant, it is much less present here. you have to understand Jérôme Kerviel was living modestly He did not have the big cars nor did he have the big apartment. He was taking the subway every day to go to work. I think here he did not care for money he was happy of what he had plus he was being rip off bonus wise by his boss not that he cares, the money did not do anything for him. He was addicted to the game and he was good at it. The financial system is corrupt plus if you are making money and break the rule or cheats your boss will look the other way but if you loose you will take the fall.




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