A film Safy Nebbou

Cast: Raphaël Personnaz, Evgeniy Sidikhin

To satisfy his need for freedom, Teddy decides to go away from the noise of the world, and settled himself in a hut on the frozen shores of Lake Baikal. One night lost in the blizzard, he is rescued by Aleksei, a Russian  who lives in the Siberian forest for years. These two men are totally opposites, but a friendship will develop and even becomes  essential.

The director has adapted the experience of Sylvain Tesson, in the Forests of Siberia, published at the beginning of the decade.The author recounted his total alone, in Siberia, in an ice daily at least 20 degrees below zero , in the heart of wild splendor of a disembodied Russia of all human life, almost. The music is exhilarating by Ibrahim Maalouf, the inspiration is clearly galvanized by the local pictorial splendor, near Lake Baikal. The natural photography with the natural light are truly breath-taking. A the first the young actor finds the simple pleasure  of life with a splendid natural decor that is brutal and raw. The winter sets in and the cold even the snow storm are brutal. He met this Russian who has been living in the forest for years and an unlikely relationship will develop. living on the edge of a world with no electricity, TV, cell phone or even internet and free of consumption  this dreamy fantasy land  will make you dream for a while.






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