A film by Hong-jin Na

Cast: Jun Kunimura, Jung-min Hwang, Woo-hee Chun

In the town of Gokseong, the wife of a ginseng farmer is killed and a police officer  Jong-gu (Kwak Do-won) is called in to investigate. The woman was brutally murdered as the corpse of the farmer was found in a bag at the same location and believed to be dragged there by a man covered in boils and a mysterious rash. Jong-gu has no leads until a mysterious woman (Chun Woo-hee) points him in the direction of a Japanese man (Jun Kunimara) who is rumored to be a ghost.

May the man hunt begins. Like I said before Korean cinema is reinventing itself with some interesting and creative story telling.the film is unlike any film you’ve seen this year and one of the most unusual experiences which are a little bizarre at times. This thriller is  a ghost story wrapped inside of a crime film and packaged with a crate of horror, to top it all off this film is unpredictable from the start. Then thing is it uses a bit of humor at the beginning where police officers Jong-gu and Seong-bok are idiots who are constantly giving each other a hard time and mocking the situation. It is a captivating thriller well written and thought out and that is the reason I watch foreign film as always int is not film like you standard american film. It is a different film and a completely a different experience. Hong-jin Na has an original idea here that is masterly filmed. This film is a combination of the exorcist, invasion of the body snatchers, Angel heart  rewritten. The other film from Korea to watch it is coming next month in France is the last train of Busan.

the wailing




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