dans la maison

A film by François Ozon

Cast: Fabrice Luchini, Vincent Schmitt, Ernst Umhauer

English: In the house. 

The electric director can easily pass one genre to an other  in musical ( “8 Women”) to thrillers ( “Swimming Pool”), through the period film ( “Angel”) François Ozon bring us a master piece a deliciously perverse story. The story of the obsession of this high school student who sees this family as the normal family the Rafas (the first name of father and son …). It all begins when Germain is a middle-aged and  cynical schoolteacher, (Fabrice Luchini), who one day finds that an essay handed in by handsome young loner student Claude, (Ernst Umhauer), has all the promise of a talent talented writer , it describes Claude’s infatuation with a fellow student and his family and what might go on dans la maison in which they live, and the essay ends ‘to be continued’. He shows the essay to his wife, (Kristin Scott Thomas),  and so Germain encourage Claude to continue to write about this family.

It becomes obsessive, the student obsessed about the Raffas The normal family that he never had well you assume and the obsession of the teacher who wants to know more of the family but as well wants to teach the student how to write and understand the characters, and yes there is a twist tower the end. It is a provocative somewhat romantic unconventional story here and that is what Ozon is about. He is creative and has this great imagination that works well. Ozon maintain the suspense with some capitative music. The film takes place in 4 Location: the home of Professor Conservative couple of Rafas home, the school and the art gallery. This all works, mainly through the same imagination of the viewer, which is faster than a narrative whose false rhythm thought out  enjoyable way. And yes you have before your eyes a well written script not only won for best screenplay at the San Sebastian Film Festival, but also the Golden Shell (Concha de Oro), the supreme reward. His quintet of actors does wonders. Fibrin Luchini does wonders here, Kristin Scott Thomas, brilliantly plays a woman at home unsatisfied whose gallery is in trouble.Ernst Umhauer, embodies a manipulator with naive impulses. As for Emmanuelle Seigner, it plays a sort of Madame Bovary, Version suburban homemakers. A delight full thong  for the mind as for the nerves.


dans la maison 2


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