LEA (2015)


A film by Marco Tullio Giordana

Cast: Vanessa Scalera, Linda Caridi, Alessio Praticò

Lea grew up in a mafia family in Calabria. The father of her daughter Denise is also a member of the Mafia. Lea however wants a different life for her daughter, free of violence, fear and lies. She decides to cooperate with the justice, to benefit of the witness protection scheme and thus try to escape …Inspired by the true story of Lea Garofalo, the struggle of a woman to escape the Mafia.

Although this film is just now showing in France on the big screen it is a TV movie in Italy.  The director Marco Tullio Giordana, whose work has always been marked by political events in Italy in the 1970s and by the fight against the Mafia, recounts the struggle of a woman to find peace and secure her daughter,  who always risk her life. A character who has been able to break the code of silence. Vanessa Scarera (Lea Garofalo) incarnates the character to a T. Always trying to get rid of her boyfriend who is the mafia she is unable to do so and tries different tactics. No it is not a life for a kid not for a mother either as Denise grows up Lea see one solution to the problem. Marco Tullio tells the story of this Contemporary lesson in courage à l’italienne.




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