elvis and nixon

A  film by Liza Johnson

Cast: Michael Shannon, Kevin Spacey, Alex Pettyfer

Say what Elvis has met the president Nixon? No way ! Way back in the 70’s elvis wanted to meet the president Nixon because he had some concern about the country and what direction is it taking plus the young people issues about drugs. So he decided to write to the president about it to see if he can see him to talk about those issues and more.

Elvis et nixon

This is the untold story of Elvis meeting Nixon. No transcript exists on these events, just a photograph that now has become the most requested photo from the US National Archives. one thing I did not know about Elvis is that he had  a deputy’s badge from Memphis. It also turns out that he went to meet Nixon so that he could become a Federal Agent At Large in order to influence the American youth to get them off drug. With a stroke of luck Elvis is in the house. It had to be funny to the politicians that Elvis wanted to meet Nixon. It is this crazy true story inspired by the book “Me and a guy named Elvis” Jerry Schilling,  who went on a trip , so someday he can tell us the story about  Elvis and Nixon. Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey deserves each other in this off beat comedy both of them has done a terrific impressions of their characters. Could you imagine this happening in a million years, well it did and what a beautiful film it is.


elvis and nixon2



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