99 HOMES (2014)

99 homes

A film by Ramin Bahrani

Cast: Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon, Laura Dern

Ruthless businessman and real estate agent Rick Carver (Michael Shannon) is making a killing by repossessing homes on behalf of the banks when owners are unable to pay their mortgage. When he evict Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield), a single father caring for his young son (Noah Lomax) and mother (Laura Dern), Dennis is so desperate to provide for his family that he agrees to work for Carver, the man who evicted him. And yes he made a deal with the devil and yes there is a cost.


Here is an explosive film that will make you think is anything not corrupt in this world. The financial crisis hits and a lot of people has lost their homes then got evicted, and yes the banks are corrupt so are the real estate agents who evict people out of their homes.It’s a mesmerizing and disturbing portrait, elevated by two strong performances. In the opening shot you see a man dead in his bathroom with blood splatter of over the room.Wearing an immaculate white jacket and an expressionless face, Rick Carver ’s (Michael Shannon) cut-throat real-estate agent  leaves the premises, he is clearly a man with no conscience. Then we get to see a hard-working father Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) who has a son and lives with his mom who is going to be evicted. Soon Rick and Dennis are going to meet and the two will form a friendship that you would not expect but for Dennis at the time it seems logical he has two mouth to feed.Don’t get emotional about real estate, Carver tells Nash, and you can see where is it going to go from here, it is a two-way mirror. Ricks needs Dennis in order to say to himself well if he is doing it is OK for me to keep doing this. You will see a lot of eviction done by Dennis who is on his own and you will feel the pain of the people. Bahrani has said once all the eviction in the film are real, he has done his research on it. The real estate agent in Florida and elsewhere carried guns so Bahrani noticed so he put that in the film as well. Yes like I said there is a lot oaf corruption in the system and Bahrani shows you that they are real too, it has happened. The music goes through the film to build the tension although out of the movie. And the ending could be more perfect.

99 homes 2


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