A film by Jean-Marc Vallée

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Jared Leto

Ron woodroof an electrician during the week and a cowboy during the weekend as well as a hell raiser half drunk, drugged up has an accident at work end up at the hospital. When he comes to the doctors tells him he is HIV positive. But Ron does not believe it. The doctor gives him 30 days to live. So Ron tells the doc nothing is going to kill Ron in 30 days as he storms out of the hospital. Days one goes as follows drugs, alcohol and women let’s party.

here is Ron who enjoy the company of women runs on cigarettes booze and the occasional line of cocaine to boost his confidence also a cruel homophobic which include not being a nice person. but later as his rougher edges will smooth out as he develops compassion to those who carries the disease. In 1985 he took his own treatment in his hand and became the advocate of helping other to get the drugs out of Mexico into the US. The federal government were blinded by the fact that the drugs that was approved by the FDA where not working. Ron took upon himself to sell the drugs ant take care of those in need. He form an intriguing relation with a transvestite and even partner up with him to see the drug to the people he knew who were sick. Doctor and pharmaceutical companies chase glory and the profit but do not listen nor take care of the patient. Ron saw that and he decided to take care of those who are in need and fed up the government. Matthew’s performance here shines he even had to drop more than a few pounds. Rayon plays by Jared Leto has done an outstanding job here playing this drugged up transvestite who had also had to lose the weight. Here is a homophobic Cowboy who became an advocate in helping others with aids and giving them at least the right medicine. Like he said I have one life it is like he tried to redeem himself.


Dallas buyers club 3


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