WELCOME (2009)

Welcome 2

A film by Philippe Lioret

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Firat Ayverdi, Audrey Dana

This film is a sober examination of illegal immigrants desperately to go to England From Calais France. Kurdish illegal immigrant Bihal (firat ayverdi )has travel from Irak to Calais on foot underneath train and trucks to be reunited with his girlfriend in England. He then meets Coach Simon (Vincent Lindon) (Ex-Champ) at a local pool and asked him about swimming lesson (so he can cross the English Channel)

Here is an interesting concept for a screenplay both character has girl trouble. Simon is recently divorced and Bihal wants to rejoin his girlfriend. A Father / son relationship will develop between the two but when Simon meets Bihal, Simon think he might be reunited with his ex-wife without Simon knowing that will get him some trouble along the way. The two need each other in order to solve their girl problem but at what cost. As Vincent Lindon as said I am looking for a script that will grab you by the throat and this one did. firat ayverdi who is the first time acting has done an outstanding job here. The scrip is sensitive about the subject here although Calais was on the news not long ago here in France thousand of immigrant are stuck in Calais and my government doe not know what to do with them and more are coming every day ti migrate in other countries as well, agreeing problem here. There are two element to enrich the story the divorce of simon, the relationship with his wife and the relationship with Bihal. It is a superb piece of cinema where the landscape is at its purest form.


welcome 4


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