train to busan

A film by Sang-ho Yeon

Cast: Yoo Gong, Dong-seok Ma, Woo-sik Choi

This film was presented at the 69 film cannes festival at a  midnight screening, “Train to Busan” will have startled more than a spectator, making the show (sometimes funny) and giving shivers for almost two hours. zombie movie in the greatest tradition in no way seeking to explain the reasons for the spread of a supposed virus, while this movie Korean manages its special effects while maintaining a frantic pace, and causes a surprise, returning to the classic mode.

You will follow a group of people stuck in a train, while surrounding with blood thirsty humans who turned violent, or the separation of the group between cars that will elevate the suspense. The director amplify the horror in keeping in the close place of a train with includes the stops or not at the other train station. It is one of the best horror film that will involve ordinary people fighting for their lives. The passagers includes cold single dad Seok-woo (Yoo Gong) and his sweet gradeschool daughter, Su-an (Su-an Kim); pregnant Sung-kyung (Yu-mi Jung) and her gruff husband, Sang-hwa (Dong-seok Ma); an entire athletic team (baseball bats that is used to beat the shit out of zombies. The film uses its moment of humor. A real little movie fun, stimulating  the survival instinct as well as  the thirst for destruction.




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