A film by Pascal Chaumeil

Cast: Romain Duris, Michel Blanc, Alice Belaïdi

Jacques (Romain Duris) lives in a small town where all the inhabitants are laid off. The factory closed, the girlfriend gone and a multitude de debts Jacques accepts a job from the town’s local criminal, to kill his wife.Jacques gladly accept.

it is a black comedy with some hit and misses. do not get me wrong it is still good but it is missing something. The result is a film arrhythmic pace but demonstrating that Michel Blanc’s always write top-notch dialogues. Romain Duris is perfect as his habit, in his role it fits him like a glove. Here is an honest man who is desperate for a job takes on odd job here and there and is presented to start a carrer as a hit man. Yes he takes on the job not knowing what is going to happen. Plus that will pay his poker debt that he has with this known criminal. The result is an unpretentious comedy (if not entertaining), satirical and scathing. Unfortunately the director died as soon as his film was done.


copyright Nicolas Schul


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One thought on “UN PETIT BOULOT (2016)

  1. Interesting about this director… Wow, that’s a shame (quel domage)! I remember when I first learned the phrase Metro, Boulot, Dodo long ago. Maybe that should be the new motto for France 🙂 Actually, it sounds like my routine! [Except I don’t have the Metro.] I was studying about this motto recently…Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite (and how it was changed under Nazi occupation) [Travail, famille, patrie]. Also, I was studying the Academie Francaise and how Petain was in it (until 1945). Anyway, great job with the review, my friend!!! –Paul

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