A film by David Mackenzie

Cast: Dale Dickey, Ben Foster, Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges 

A divorced dad and an ex-con brother back into a corner with their banks to repay a mortgage figures out a scheme in order to repay what they ow to the bank so they can keep their farm and land.

Hell or High Water - Chris Pine and Ben Foster

The story begins with a low-key bank robbery committed by brothers Toby (Chris Pine) and Tanner Howard (Ben Foster). They look like amateur doing it as they get the feel for it. They are doing it because of a reverse mortgage, an oil drilling rights. And yes there is an other side of the story the two Texas Rangers who are on their trail, Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges) and his sidekick, Alberto Parker (Gil Birmingham). The two goes at it like a verbal punching bag making jokes about each other and such. Marcus is on the verge of retiring, he is smart and has a dead on instinct. I was told that the film is loosely based on real facts , yes Bridges plays a real character a Texas Ranger who was after two brothers bank robbers, The ranger’s name was Joaquin Jackson who was on the job from 1966-1993 he went on to retire. The casting could not be more perfect here. It is a joy to see such caliber actor having such a strong performance on-screen. And yes the landscape is beautiful, waste and brutal at times. The thing is in this film is distinctive because the line between the good guys and bad guys are blurry here. You have the loose cannon Tanner and the brain on the softer side Toby. It is a modern western with plenty of sympathy and empathy for all concerned, and most importantly, it works.



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