A film by Brad Furman

Cast: Bryan Cranston, John Leguizamo, Diane Kruger

Mazur (Bryan Cranston)  isn’t a conventional undercover operative. He is not a womanizer because he is married, he is not flashy when he dresses with a suit, well he is you average guy. This film is about the aspect of the money, the money laundering operation. He tells his boss how is he going to run the operation, his boss Bonnie Tischler (Amy Ryan). Mazur gets a laundering operation in place in order to get to the money, meets low-level contacts via his partner, Emir Abreu (John Leguzamo).. His ultimate target is Roberto Alcaino (Benjamin Bratt) one of Escobar’s money man. The thing is that Mazur knew the danger as he moved up the ladder to launder more money, Yes there were shady bankers who had no scruples to launder the money some of them were doing it because they were paid well. The danger became very clear to Mazur who was cool about not freaking out too much but he wanted to get as many guys behind bar as possible.

Furman has built the tension throughout the film,plus an outstanding cast does the film stand out so far. It is film the old fashion way,  old school and it works well here. There are some flaws in this film. You will noticed it right of way. Some characters vanished and reappeared later. It seems to me that he had a longer film and had to a lot of it. It still a nice entertaining film that has a slow pace burning thriller attach to it.




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