FRANTZ (2016)


A film François Ozon

Cast: Pierre Niney, Paula Beer, Ernst Stötzner

After the war 14-18, in a small German town, Anna goes daily to the tomb of her fiancé, Frantz died on the front line in France. But that day, a young French man, Adrien, came to visit the grave of his German friend. This presence following the German defeat will provoke angry reactions in the city.

Frantz, is pacifist German soldier who loves paintings by Manet and  Verlaine died on the battlefield. Convenient because it is around his absence that will enroll the whole narrative of Frantz. On his grave first, where  a French man , a former soldier of the Great War who is over his grave crying and then when accidentally where he will enter the lives of Frantz’s family. Bur the family wants to know how Adrien knew Frantz, Where did they meet. And yes Ozon has done  a  film a la  Hitchcock and creatively uses black a white to show the darkness and the pain switching to color where there is a moment of happiness using the theme of Vertigo (watch for the museum scene) .The suicide (1877) the painting of Manet, occupies a central place in Frantz ’s heart. For it is symbolically through him that Adrian and Anna, the key protagonist of the film wonderfully interpreted by Paula Beer, will learn to love life. The dark photography and the dreamy music allowing Frantz do to create a rather cruel tale atmosphere, but above all tender and naive. Niney an up an up coming actor does a nice job here playing the melancholic on the verge of suicide. Here is a terrific romantic cruel tale that will suit you thirst of melancholic drama.





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One thought on “FRANTZ (2016)

  1. I’m a huge fan of Niney. He starred in my husband’s cousin’s film “Comme des Freres” and his TV show “Castings”. He’s multi talented in comedy as well as drama. I am hoping this film makes its way to the USA so I can get to see it. The story is completely intriguing. Thank you for posting!


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