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A film by Justine Triet

Cast: Laure Calamy, Virginie Efira, Jacques

Victoria is a thirty-something divorced lawyer who’s struggling to raise her two daughters. She is canny and cynical but on the verge of an emotional breakdown.At a friend’s wedding a little incident happens a friend of hers stabs his girlfriend in the stomach, later he wants her to defend him but Victoria refuses well……

Victoria is out of her games as she does not know too much about parenting due to the fact she is working a bit much. She is disorganized her apartment is a mess and she hire various baby sitters. Well she also dates different guys every time and has very little time to herself let along her children. As she is going to defend her friend Vincent (Melvil Poupaud) she is going down in a spiral with no end which the nervous breakdown will appear soon. To top it all off her ex his showing up harassing her. Even hire a former drug dealer who has no home to baby sit her children what more can happen?

Here is a  tight script, a simple and elegant mise-en-scène, well-balanced and inventive humour that shifts left to right. You in life the right person in your life could be right in the front of your nose like Victoria is going to find out after here breakdown but will she really mess it up or get it? She has a lot on her plate and trying to keep it together. Here is a film whose specification is perfectly executed.





I first stated this site with 2 friends but I am the only one now taking care of it. I love movies sometimes that is all I talk about. I love TCM the best station ever. I am studying to be an Infographics/special effect for movies. I will put the best films on my website no exception. It is like I am evolving with it, I am constantly redoing stuff on it. So have fun with it and thank you for visiting.

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