JOE (2013)


A film by David Gordon Green

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan, Gary Poulter

An ex-con who is unlikely be a role model meets this young boy 15 years old who faces violence from his father is faced with redemption or ruin.

Here is a man who has been in prison for assault on a police officer in the south in Texas meets this young boy who has demons of his own. His father who beats him and steals from him to get his alcohol who can’t keep a job down, his mother and his sister leaves in fear of him. This young boy named Gary (Tye Sheridan) meets Joe (Nicolas Cage) in the wood and asked if he could work. The two will form an unlikely relationship , Gary here is looking for a role mode model in Gary who is not one at the least but the two will need each other. Gary wants his family out of this violence from his father, he is trying to save his money to get a vehicle in order to keep his family save. Very soon Gary assume the role of the father and sees that the kid has potential and need an other role model than his father. But the thing is that Gary is trying to assume that role that he has no knowledge of. He is trying his best to teach the kid about life. The two are born into poverty in the deep south where it is tough to make a fife for themselves. The story is based by the novel of Larry brown.




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