A film by Audrey Estrougo

Cast: Sophie Marceau, Marie-Sohna Conde, Marie Denarnaud

Ok I do not know how the going to name this film in English but la  Taularde means The convict or Jail bird. The film is like a knife in you stomach and you will not be able to breathe or relax for a minute. Here is a look at the female prison system at its purest form. A great advantage for Sophie Marceau after doing so many romantic comedies she decided to launch both feet in into drama and by the grace of god she succeeded with flying colors. The film was film in an old prison who has been disaffected and cleaned up a bit.

Not too often you will see a film on the inside of a prison nor of less a women prison. In this small world where promiscuity is constant, and the close up are there and the tight shot will chokes you with a build up tension as a pressure cooker ready to pop. The violence on the inside the fights, scam, people with two face, back stabbing, the drugs, the knifes etc…plus the frustrating noise like the keys rattling, the doors opening and closing, locking and unlocking, reinforces the horror of detention. The supervisors,  which I call them voluntary prisoners, torn between the fights ,the identity problem, and wants to perform well on the job try to bring on the job a humanity touch here and there.  Well filmed here and a terrific cast assemble will do the trick here. The film as a greenish silver feel to it.

A film noir, but a clever film with this group of girls (actresses and director) the talent manages to put the beautiful in the ugly and the light in the dark, and we thank them all.



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