DIVINES (2016)


A film by Houda Benyamina

Cast: Oulaya Amamra, Déborah Lukumuena, Kevin Mischel

There were a lot of buzz at Cannes and stand ovation which mean that the film is going to do good when it get release into theater? It has been there for a while but I forgot to review it.

Houda Benyamina embarks on a breathtaking joyride, with two girls who are best friends and going at least at a 100 miles an hour living life in the fast lane. Dounia (Oulaya Amara) who has done a great performance here whose smart, gentle and often cheerful gaze, she rebel against life here where her mother is an irresponsible drunk and screws anything that moves. Her nickname has been known to be Bastard because she has no father at least she does not know him nor does her mother remember him any way. however her girlfriend Maimouna (Déborah Lukumuena) who is not so rebellious has a strict family who is Muslim follows Deborah into petty crime.

Dounia here wants money and a lots of it, she is impressed with a local drug dealer and wants to model herself after her, on the other hand she is hot for the dancer who is auditioning for a contemporary dance show, and who Dounia has got into the habit of watching from above. You see here that she is stretching herself into the two world and soon enough there are going to be consequences. really nice debut here from Houda Benjamin we will se what she is going to do next.




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  1. This seems interesting:) Good review!!! –Paul

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