A film by Ira Sachs

Cast: Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Ehle, Paulina García 

Jake Jardine (Theo Taplitz) and Tony Calvelli (Michael Barbieri), two middle schoolers who cross paths in Brooklyn. Jake, pale and reserved, is an exile from Manhattan, well he has a family who is well off. His father, Brian (Greg Kinnear), is a struggling actor who, has not a fight left in him to keep going as an actor although now days he does theater. Jake’s mother, Kathy (Jennifer Ehle), who is a bit more decisive, is a therapist.The family moves into an apartment that used to belong to Brian’s father, who happens to die the only  precipitating catastrophe in this film.The old man also owned the building where Tony’s mother, Leonor (Paulina García) runs a dress shop, here little men is a fable of toxic power of money and real estate.

The thing is with this film that you see rarely is a buddy film done this way like a fable plus trow in the mix this conflit of power of mine and real estate. You see two teenagers who are going to be best friends very quickly but they are having trouble with their parents who are in a middle of a dispute about the store. Jake’s father want to raise the rent to the fare market value but the renter Leonor can’t cover it. What to do? Jake’s father tries to be a nice guy about this but Leonor tries to sweeten the pot. Meanwhile Brian’s sister wants this to be over with as soon as possible. The politesse that grows increasingly cold will be uneasy to watch at times. But as we are adult it all comes down to money and do not see what is coming straight toward us. The style of the film has an emotional realism into it that makes so nice and easy to watch. Here is a little film that is making a big splash on-screen.




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