CÂINI (2016)


Un film by Bogdan Mirica

Cast: Dragos Bucur, Gheorghe Visu, Vlad Ivanov

English title: Dogs

Un certain regard at Cannes. 

Yes a Romanian film noir, thriller, à la western. Dogs is a story of a frontier done in western mode with an impotent Sheriff, who volunteer as the last resort like a Gary Cooper in High Noon, and there mu friends you have a slow burning pacing thriller western style done à la Romanian.

Roman returns to the land he has just inherited from his grandfather. He decided to sell this desolate property, he is warned by the local cop not to sell the land. A series of strange events takes place at night and Roman tries to investigate. It sets new boundaries of the unknown in the east side of Europe where it is not liked very much. Roman is the visitor of an ancient world where he does not understand the rules. The law is powerless to protect him, and he was summoned to respect the wishes of the dead and the rules of the past. Dogs is a brutal, violent film, but it is not without macabre humor. There is a funny scene where a farmer found a foot with its shoes in the lake so the Sheriff after dinner decided to inspected the foot, see how he does it, and yes it is some serious macabre humor. Not too many people were laughing in the theater or if they were they were doing it nervously. The film shows you the country were there is a cruel way of life and certain law that you have to follow. Also you are not going to be bored because there are some interesting characters that will surface from time to time. Here is a cool Romanian film noir not to be missed.




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One thought on “CÂINI (2016)

  1. Sounds cool! I love Romanian films. I think Vlad Ivanov was maybe in 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. Nice review!!! –Paul

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