CHOUF (2016)


A  film by Karim Dridi

Cast: Sofian Khammes, Foued Nabba, Oussama Abdul Aal

Chouf in Arab means look. Okay here it is is the right among of realism that Dridi who shot the film in the ghetto of Marseille where with much ease filmed young actor who already lived in the ghetto and it was easy for them to get in the skin of those characters that they portrayed. This film had an official selection special screening at the 69th Cannes Film Festival.


The director took young actors to play the life of those drug dealers and their daily lives. Dridi gets the message across of the subject matter.Sofiane (Sofian Khammes), a student at a business school in Lyon, who has come back for a week to visit his family, in the heart of a neighbourhood where his big brother, Slimane, is mixed up in the hash-dealing business. Doing the rounds to see his childhood friends, all of whom are now involved in dealing drugs, Sofiane who was also once a respected delinquent when he was younger Sofia is kindly asked not to stay too long and to go back to his studying in Lyon. But an  AK 47 is louder than words and his brother gets shot on a routine run. Sofiane decided to head to Lyon but instead is determined to find his brother’s killer by joining his gang and realized very quickly one you are in there is not going back.

Here is a realistic look at the young in the ghetto who does not seems to understand the concept of life, here they fall into the system of running drugs and dos not seem to care what are going to be the consequences. Even some of the kids mother know what they are getting into and ask them for money. The director creates a n atmosphere of paranoia but also focuses on friendship and solidarity. The film dive right in the heard of the drugs dealing making. Here is a thriller that both urban thriller and social drama that kicks ass.




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