A film by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar

Cast: Noémie Merlant, Naomi Amarger, Sandrine Bonnaire

English : Heaven will wait. 

Sonia, 17, failed to commit the irreparable “guarantee” to his family a place in heaven. Melanie, 16, lives with his mother, loves school and her friends, plays the cello and wants to change the world. She falls in love with a “prince” on the internet.

Melanie (Naomi Amarger), 16, has everything a serene and balanced life. She lives with her mother, full of friends, and is passionate about the cello. Yet her world will rock as she accepts “spirit of Freedom” on Facebook. A strange account whose profile photo is a head of Lion. Behind it hides Mehdi, a young man whose young redhead falls in love. For social networks, it transmits the conspiracy videos reflecting the sickness of capitalist Western society. Melanie now feels manipulated by the world in which she lives in and intends to change it following the good wills of her prince. The young man asked her gradually to convert to Islam. Make prayers. Wear the Jilbab. And to join him in Syria to marry and live in the love of Allah.

I saw that coming big as a house but yet the subject matter is handle with grace and humanity. It is a film who is so well written and acted that it will surprise you. There are two destiny here one who is slowly converting into Muslim ( jihadist)  the other who is trying to get out of it. The three female portraits, Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar dissects a difficult subject, sensitive, and deeply rooted in a reality that man strives to understand. There is a bit of realism here that flows the air. It is brutal and direct this film right in your face it is like receiving a punch in your stomach. However the director had this narrow vision on the causes of the problem that is the only flaw in the film.




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