A film by Matt Ross

Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Frank Langella, George Mackay

Deep in the forests of Oregon , Ben (Viggo Mortensen) lives with his six children, isolated from the modern world. A devoted father, Ben has dedicated his life to raising his kids with a rigorous physical and  highly intellectual education, and drilled in them a rare and primal connection to the natural world. Suddenly the children must face the dangers and turmoil of an unfamiliar world, while Ben is compelled to rethink  what it means to be a parent.


We will experience two lifestyle that is going to collide where a father is teaching his six kids survival skills in their forest wilderness home. Viggo Mortensen who slips naturally into the shoes of a mountain man who home schools his children and train them physically and mentally. Ben believe to tell the truth to his children don’t matter their age, especially about sex, if they ask a question about it, Ben will answer it with honesty. He has no-nonsense way in which he tells the children about sex, life and death that will shock you. Books play a major role and there are philosophical discussions. Plus at the end of the day they will sing a song even play instruments. When it is time to go on a road trip the kids have to put to the test their training and do they ever. There are some touching moment with the girl in the trailer park , some funny moment at the grocery store even when they get to their destination. Here there is a lesson learn yes it is good to prepare the kid into a survival mode but is it if they are not in touch with the rest of the world. Ben in confronted at what point when the incident happens is he a good father? what I am doing with my kids. To me you need both world. I think we have lost touch with nature. We became urban human too much.



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