A film by Fede Alvarez

Cast: Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette

Rocky (Jane Levy), her boyfriend (Zovatto), and her friend Alex (Dylan Minnette), rob houses for petty cash. When they get a tip that a blind man living in a deserted street in Detroit there is no thinking about it. However, things are not what they seem in this lone house on the empty street, they soon realized they are in over their heads.


Here is a cool film by Alvarez who also wrote it. A simple story which the focus here is to build tension and the film moves on. It will make you root for the criminal don’t matter what their attention are. The thing or even the point here is that this horror film has a couple of twist here so when you first watch it you are going to think ok I know where this is going. Now days you have to be real creative to tell the story. Of course you have a guy who is falling for the other guy’s girl nothing new here but later it is all about to save the blonde Jane Levy who here is doing a great job here. Also it is always the last job that is going to give them trouble (a cliché here I wish it was avoided) not that I am saying that it is not good yes it is but I prefer Green room here my second choice for this years would be Don’t breathe.The score, composed by Roque Baños which is used to build the tension. Don’t breath is a beast of a film and never let up as soon as they are in the house. A little bit of a Cujo scene almost at the end. The thing is it is best experience in the theater where the audience will immersed totally cool sound effects and great visuals.



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One thought on “DON’T BREATH (2016)

  1. Don’t mess with The Blind Man. Like in Panic Room (2002), it doesn’t pay to be a home invader.

    I’m hoping there will be a sequel to this.

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