A film by Todd Solondz

Cast: Greta Gerwig, Keaton Nigel Cooke, Tracy Letts, Julie Delpy

Wiener-Dog, a work of dark distress which disguises itself as an archly cynical comedy and Todd Solondz has nailed it so right, on the money. It is the story of a dog who gets passed on from owner to owner which has some corny down right off beat character even strange. Solondz’s inexpressive  humour is definitely an acquired taste, and watching Wiener-Dog proves to be a demoralizing  experience.

If you have not seeing any film by Solondz you must his film technique and subject matter are out of the norm. I am  assuming if you are aware of Solandz previous work, you may well enjoy this movie. If you do not like dark off beat comedy this film is not for you.The dog travels from a young boy hands, to a vets assistant who saves it from being put down, to a failing screenwriter in Danny De Vito he has done an outstanding job here he even steal the show, to a disabled couple and then onto dying cancer patient Ellen Burstyn she is a force in the cinema and too funny here. Julie Delpy who plays Dina has a downright attitude towards life , well life is a bitch than you die. It is going to get morbid at times with some gags and jokes , even the audience did not know to laugh or not, there were some nervous laughter at that. I can’t wait until his next film.





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