A film by Ken Loach

Cast: Dave Johns, Hayley Squires, Sharon Percy

This film has won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes film festival. Nice going Ken Loach. And what a terrific film it is.

Daniel Blake (Johns), a 59-year-old widower who has  been taken off of work due to his heart condition. For the first time, he requires government assistance but the bureaucracy and difficulty of the state to wears him out . Long wait at the phone , digital by default difficult jargon, plus the running around. When he meets a single mother, Katie (Squires), and her two young children, the two form an unlikely friendship as they battle the state, welfare and struggling for mere survival in  Britain.

The film is intelligent, humorous, heart breaking at time and well leisurely paced the film is non-mainstream, darkly comical and the way the government treats its own people. Johns fits the  role with an effortless approach it is heartbreaking at times. As for Hayley Squires sets the screen on fire  with her fearless and astounding performance as Katie. She resort to something she does not want to do and is a time of it. You see here Ken loach has shown that the system is not helping the people when they need help because the bureaucracy I, Daniel Blake is an affectionate portrait of a man who is sweet and funny at times who get shafted by the government. You see nowadays you have tone computer literate every thing is done on the computer but if you are a 59 years old man who never used a computer you are stuck. Many of them does not adapt to this digital world like the young people. But i know some 70 years old to know how to surf the internet and loves it. Here you have a man who is going in circle and needs someone to show him how to use a computer and can’t even get that. As I watch the film I felt frustrating it is going on in my country as fellas all over the world . The film here speaks loud and clear even some of you will relate.




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