A film by Marc Fitoussi

Cast: Jeanne Jestin, Émilie Dequenne, Nelly Antignac

English: Mom is wrong 

Do we really know their parents? Anouk, 14, suddenly discovers another side of her mother, thanks to the unavoidable third observation course that she performs in the insurance company where she works. A week of immersion in the adult world of the company, with its little arrangements and great cowardice, which soon seals her young destiny. Between a day into initiation, assuming responsibilities like an adult is a form of saying goodbye to her childhood.


For it is rather a crazy and cruel world described by Marc Fitoussi,  of the laborious middle class, symbolized by Cyrielle. Just  graduate out of high school mom at barely 20 years, gets little joy on her life raising a kid and doing what every Parisienne does Metro / boulot /  dodo/. Emilie Dequenne is remarkable incarnating the mother who is melancholic and at times joyful. As for Jeanne Jestin who plays her daughter steals the show here. Plus the impossible boss who is a pain in everyone ass, to top it all off The daughter meets the tragic / comic duo of  Mathilde and Bénédicte (Camille Chamoux and Nelly Antignac), sorts of Javotte and Anastasia of modern times, who harass their cordial Cinderella / Anouk with their insufficiency and their bad faith. Anouk quickly figures out that growing up is not what it is cracked up to be. She is here an observer who absorb the adult world.

Between violence and freshness, Maman a tort  is a bittersweet social chronicle which should please the biggest acerbic and substantiated criticism of the world of work and to the young ones for the communicative enthusiasm of its young heroine.



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