ARES (2016)


A film by Jean-Patrick Benes

Cast: Ola Rapace, Micha Lescot, Thierry Hancisse

Paris 2035, the world order has changed. With its 15 million unemployed, France is now a poor country. The population oscillates between revolt and resignation and finds an outlet in ultraviolent televised fights where the participants are doped legally and where everything is permitted.   Reda, known as Ares, is a veteran who lives on small jobs  for the police. Everything will change when his sister is arrested and he must do everything possible to save them: she and her daughters.

Inspired more precisely by the recent economic crisis in Greece and Spain, the filmmaker imagined a devastated Paris, occupied by the homeless and gangrened by misery. The  society of consumer dominates to such an extent that the man’s body itself becomes a commodity that can be sold to the pharmaceutical laboratories which are the only ones making a lot of money. Paris is here devastated in ruin almost it almost is a waste land  by its own: the inhabitants, disillusioned, live in makeshift shelters, at the foot of monuments where they are abandoned. The low-budget film here will give you the chilled that could become a possibility, look at Greece where the country is broke and people lost everything even their saving and retirement plan gone in smoke. Well Europe gave them an ultimatum and we are trying to get a solution to the problem. Thank god it didn’t happen like that but it could. If the extreme urbanization is realistic, it is mainly because the film team set up  in China: Shanghai made it possible to offer the images of skyscrapers, within a dehumanized business district . Shenzhen, the capital of buildings, also served as a backdrop to make La Défense as spectacular as possible. The filmed images were then integrated in Paris to combine this urbanization with the symbolic monuments of the city, between the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Not too bad there this is how you contain the budget from going up. It is a terrific piece of cinema film neo-noir and dark. The actor does their jobs beautifully well here. It is a film that deserved to be seen.




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4 thoughts on “ARES (2016)

  1. This really sounds quite interesting. Appreciate you bringing it to my knowledge.

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  2. Just watched it and although the shots of Paris were well realized I thought that the story simply lacked depth which made it hard to really care what was happening with Ares and his nieces. I am disappointed by the film.


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