A film by Kirill Serebrennikov

Cast: Pyotr Skvortsov, Viktoriya Isakova, Aleksandra Revenko

The Student, a dark and slightly hysterical portrait of fundamentalist fever. Veniamin (Petr Skvortsov) is a troubled young man. His mother (Julia Aug) does not know what to do with him as he has started skipping school, complaining that he doesn’t like swimming. She suspects drugs and sneers at his excuse that it is against his religious beliefs, assuming that this is typical teenage remark.

However, Veniamin continues his protest, diving into the pool fully clothed and becoming increasingly disruptive in the classroom. A particular target for  his biology teacher Elena Lvovna (Victoria Isakova), whose lessons on sex education and evolution are predictably poisonous  to the new zealot. And yes there is the Orthodox priest Father Vselod (Nikolai Roshin) is also called in to mediate well that is no surprise to me but what is a surprise to me is what it is going to follow a fellow student who has a leg taller than the other one is being pick on by the other student. Veniamin takes upon him to take him under his wind because he is in need of some faith healing. The story takes a turn here and no I will not go there.The true origins of Venya’s faith are never fully revealed here is one thing that I like people will have different opinion about it. There is sexual confusion and repression here. He is also being bullied because of his religion. He quote the bible and to me everybody can interpret the bible a different way. It is not an easy subject to discuss religion that is . If you see the film with your girlfriend at the end of the film you are going to discuss it with her and each one of you will have a different opinion about the film.




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